Mega Resistor


"MEGA" Wirewound Resistors are manufactured by using the best quality of raw materials enabling us to offer Wirewound Resistors of superior quality to cover wide range of applications in the field of electrical / electronics / automobile fields, etc.,

We manufacture "MEGA" Wirewound Resistors coated with SILICONE EPOXY, with radial wire or tag lead terminations, various CERAMIC ENCASED types and aluminum housed, heat-sink power resistors.

The out standing features of "MEGA" Wirewound Resistors are :

  1. Smooth, well polished ceramic cores having a high di-electric strength, high alumina content, high density and low porosity are used as substrates for winding and encasing.
  2. Soft annealed electro-tinned copper wire of 0.6, 0.8, 1.0 mm or 1.5 mm diameter is used as leads, with the lead length ranging from 20 mm to 38 mm. Spring steel or Brass plates of 0.8 mm thickness and 4 mm to 6 mm width is used as Tags, and 5 mm copper rods for aluminum housed power resistors.
  3. Best Nickel-Chromium or Copper-Nickel Alloy wire is used for winding. These wires have the ability to withstand excessive overloads under severe working conditions.
  4. The junctions between the resistance wires and the leads are spot welded to give a permanent and low resistance bond.
  5. The axial and radial lead type resistors are coated with multi coats of high temperature withstanding Silicon based Epoxy.
  6. The marking on the resistor is permanent and is unaffected by any solvents.
  7. They have high power to size ratio.

The important parameters of "MEGA" Wirewound Resistors are:

  1. The Temperature Co-efficient of Resistance (TCR) ranges from 20 ppm / °C to 200 ppm / °C.
  2. Di-electric Voltage : 700 V AC to 1,000 V AC.
  3. Insulation Resistance : 1000 Mega Ohms-dry for Silicon Epoxy coated type and 10,000 Mega Ohms-dry for Ceramic Encased Type.
  4. Stability : ± 5 % after 1,000 hours of load test.
  5. Damp Heat : H 13 (JSS 50402) ± 1 % shelf life.
  6. Power derating : Linearly to zero at maximum hot spot temperature of 350°C Power ratings mentioned at 70°C.
  7. Moisture resistance : 2 %.

Ranges and Ohmic Values :

  1. From 0 E 001 to 1 M , from 1 Watt to 1,500 watts.